Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was reading some devotions that Kim's grandfather wrote towards the end of his life. He was reflecting on Ephesians 3:19 which speaks about being filled with the fullness of God. Amazing that Paul prays that we would be filled with the fullness of God, this God whom the universe can't contain somehow by love can be filled in us.

Kim's grandfather wrote on that theme and then wrote that after he goes to bed he thinks about this verse and what is means for Jesus to all in all. For no self to remain and only for Christ to dwell in us. Then he wrote that he thirsts for that. Here is a man who sought and served the Lord his whole life and in his early eighties lays in bed thirsting to be filled with Christ more fully. Wow. I am moved to tears as I reflect on this. I long to have the same thirst in my life for Christ to all in all.

I am inspired by this man of faith and I am thankful for his witness in my life.

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