Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sometimes I think we forget how connected we are to each other. It is easy to isolate ourselves. The reality of the matter is that we are deeply connected with each other. We need each other. Paul describes us as different members of the same body. This body is the body of Christ, we are united to each other and more importantly we are united to Christ.

Part of the call of Christian community is to help us understand who we are in Christ and who we are in the community, they are separate yet related realities. To do this we need to spend time with Christ and with each other on a more intimate level. We have to get by the superficial prayers and the superficial conversations with each other. We need to get to the place of honesty with God and with each other.

The key is to build our lives on the truth of God in Christ and the truth of God in community and God in the world. Then we can relate to each other in a more authentic life giving way. Isolation breeds sin and hatred. Community builds love...

Have you been honest with God about who you are? Doing this will help develop your integration of forgiveness and humility..

Do you have another person you can be honest with about who you are? Someone who loves you and will speak the truth in love and walk with you?

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