Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For your love we praise you.

For the way you look on us with greater love than we will ever know we adore you.

For not leaving us where we are but uniting us with Christ we worship you.

For the forgiveness as present as the air we breath we give you glory.

Lord, you are so worthy of all praise, glory and honor yet our words seem so little and inadequate. We know that you delight in our praise and worship and so today we worship you.

We worship you with all that we are and all that we wish we were not.

We worship you with our spiritual insights and our spiritual blindness.

We worship you with our moral victories and moral failures.

We worship you in all our humanity because it is our humanity that you created, and it was into our humanity that you were incarnate and it was into our humanity that you were raised and promised to raise us with you.

It is our joy to love you and it is our greater joy to be loved by you.

Abba, we love you.

Jesus, we love you.

Spirit, we love you.

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