Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 6 Hieropolis and Afrodisias

I am feeling better today, thank you for the prayers. I skipped dinner and slept really well last night.

Today we were at Hieropolis which is a biblical city and very interesting. Surrounding the city are hundreds of tombs from the ancient world. Also it is a popular tour spot with the Russians because of the hot springs there. These springs were popular thousands of years ago and it was a draw to the city because they were thought to have healing power. The water flows from a nearby fault in the Earth so the water is rich in minerals. When the water evaporates it leaves white calcium deposits and the hillside is white with all of these deposits.

We also went to the city named after the god Aphrodity. While not a biblical city is one of the most impressive sites in Asia Minor. It has so many different parts of city excavated and it really helps give one a sense of the wonder of the ancient world. I am getting a much better sense of the world in which the Bible was written and the one where Paul was called to preach the good news.

Here are a few photos.

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