Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turkey Day Four

Day Four Tarsus and Travel

We spent six hours on the bus today. It is hard for me to sit in the bus, which sometimes has good airflow, and other times is really hot and stuffy. Needless to say I am a little tired today. We went to Tarsus where St. Paul was born. Very little of the ancient town is left. There is a well that the people used and so Paul would have used it and there is a small section of a Roman road that Paul would have travelled on. The big deal today was being in the birthplace and home of Paul.

Tonight we are sleeping in Konya, which is a very important site for Muslims because it is the home of the 13th century mystic poet Rumi. He is revered throughout the Islamic world and the monastery, which he started and where he is buried is now a museum. It is a very special site for Muslims and we saw many people making pilgrimage to their holy site. The quality of the antique Turkish carpets displayed was amazing as was some of the calligraphy and some of the manuscripts of the Koran.

Tomorrow is an even earlier wakeup was another long day travelling to Antioch Pisidia.

Here are some photos

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