Saturday, June 26, 2010

Turkey Odds and Ends

Turkey is about the size of Texas, a little larger.

It is fertile here. Driving around the country reminds me of being in a combination of Napa Valley, Eastern Washington and the Sierras.

The mountains are amazing, with high numbers of rock peaks and some large walls. It is a climber’s dream and I often find myself dreaming about the countless routes up these peaks.

It is a secular state. That is right, Turkey is a secular state ruled by a democracy. It is the only country whose population is primarily Muslim (90%) that is a democracy. They are trying to show the world that it can be done. Therefore, you see women dressing from totally secular to heavily religious and everything in between.

Apartments are the predominate style of living, very few people living in a single family home. The big cities have literally hundreds of apartments buildings decorated in bright and bold colors.

A large majority of people grow grapes for shade and therefore they are seen all over the country.

The people speak Turkish, which is related to Finnish, Hungarian and Korean.

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